Danilo’s kitchen

Danilo delight’s himself and our guests preparing typical dishes from the salentinian and Mediterranian tradition, using our farm’s organic products.

Using our spelt and Cappelli brand wheat we obtain flour for fresh pasta and desserts, while summer vegetables and smelly herbs become dishes full of color and flavor.
Wellness is in your dish with our extra virgin olive oil and we have naturally made every effort to enclose the bright and hot summer sun in our homemade tomato preserve, dried tomatoes, salted capers and dried hot chilli.

There are also other delicacies from neighboring farms, from which we bring to the table cow, goat and sheep cheese and beef meat.

Salento is now renowned for its wines among which stand Primitivo, Negroamaro and Salice Salentino. We have taken care to let you find a good selection from the best local wineries to rejoice your aperitifs and our evenings together!