On the farm we cultivate with organic method our own summer vegetables, virgin olive oil from hand picked olives, cereals, honey and fresh fruit.All these wonderful and tasty products become magic ingridients in Danilo’s kitchen for the best Apulian typical dishes.

Image Description Price
  Tozzetti Cookies gr. 250 with almonds and cinnamon, taste them with Passito wine. 4,50 €
Mostaccioli gr. 250  Tipical holiday cookies with chocolate and almonds. 4,50 €
  Cappelli grain Frise  gr. 500 traditional and always very good with tomatoes, capers and extra virgin olive oil. 3,00 €
  Cappelli grain Friselline gr. 500
Very good with olive pesto, red pepper pesto or simply with extra virgin olive oil, salt and origano. Excellent as an aperitif or snack.
3,50 €
  Cappelli  grain Taralli   gr. 500 very simple, excellent for aperitives or snacks, traditional recipe. 3,50 €
  Cappelli grain flour gr. 500  the best for sweet or salty cakes, pizza, bread and pasta. 3,00 €
  Honey Kg. 1 10,80 €
Honey gr. 500 5,50 €
  Strawberry Jam gr. 320 4,80 €
Cherry Jam gr. 320 4,80 €
We also prepare Jam with quince. figs, apricots, plums, oranges.
  Extra vergin olive oil
Lt. 3 canExtra vergin olive oil Lt. 0,25
35,00 €

5,70 €