Masseria Santa Lucia is situated deep in the Macurano archeological park, at the foot of Borgo Montesardo. The town of Alessano, a gem of baroque architecture, is nearby. Macurano, an important archeological find preserves the site of an ancient Greek/Byzantine settlement, later transformed into underground oil presses. Also in the park adjacent to the Masseria it is possible to visit three sites that testify to the history of the area.

Medieval Palmento


A medieval thatched roof stone hut including a reservoir connected to the remains of a basin in which the grapes were crushed. The grape juice (mosto) would flow into the reservoir. Outside the hut there is a typical basin to collect rain water.

Frantoio Ipogeo


Ancient grotto with an oil press mill-stone. In these grottoes scattered over the Macurano area, the local people lived and worked throughout the olive harvest and the production of the oil.

Dry walls


A pleasant stroll inside the park may follow the typical stone walls built without mortar with stones taken from the fields. The low walls delimit the grain and vegetable fields, alongside the cool woods , climbing on the terraces of the Montesardo hillside in the fragrant and abundant Mediterranean flora.