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Weaving class in Masseria – Salento Apulia

We propose a holiday in a Masseria in Salento, Apulia, combined with an Interweaving Course to learn how to prepare rush and wooden baskets with your own hands.
In Salento there has always been the use of rush baskets for various jobs in the countryside, for example “panari” were used to collect fruit.
Small baskets “fuscelle” were prepared with rush to make cheese. The picked fruit or vegetables, for example figs and tomatoes, are still laid to dry in the sun on the “cannizzi”, prepared with canes to form a flat, clean and airy surface.
The “fiscoli” were used in the oil mills as filters for the olive paste to be pressed. Fisherman still prepare fishing rush traps .
A passionate local craftsman will teach you the weaving techniques for the preparation of the baskets. The course takes place in two days for a total of 5 hours and you can take home the basket prepared with your own hands.
The proposed package includes:
Accommodation in a Garden Classic Double Room, 3 nights, breakfast included.
Interweaving course for two people to be held in 5 hours, in two days. (There will be a minimum or 4 participants and a maximum of 8 participants)

Cost of the package for two people:
In the months of April, May and October 545.00 Euros
June, September 581,00 Euros

If you would like a longer stay, in another type of room or for a larger number of people, we can modify the proposed package. You will always have access to special rates.